Introducing the first iOS browser with extensions

Block any ad, find the best products, see all the news perspectives, search smarter and free your imagination. Fast, private and junk free.

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Stop using Safari and try this breakthrough iPhone browser instead.

— Fast Company

Only Insight lets you

Block any ad

Blocks most ads by default, including ads disguised as content on Google and Amazon.

Supercharge search

Automatically search the Wirecutter when looking up Amazon? Done.

Search just my favorite sites when searching for recipes? Done.

Save money

Price history, alerts and coupons are automatically surfaced as you shop on Amazon or directly with brands you love.

Create & share extensions with no code

Create extensions with no code and share them with just one tap. Make even more powerful extensions with Javascript.

How to build Insight extensions

Anatomy of an extension

Insight extensions are built within the app itself with the simple but powerful structure

if (conditions) are met,
then execute actions

Learn More

Tap 🚀 to get started

On any page, tap the rocket in the address bar to see all the active and suggested extensions, as well as to build new ones.

You can make one in as little as 30 seconds

See us make an extension in 30 seconds


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