The Insight Beta Program

Want more from Insight? Get a sneak preview of upcoming features, latest extensions and more.

What is the Insight Beta?

The program gives you access to our most stable pre-release product. Join the Insight community and see what we're building before its public. You help us decide what's working, what can be better and what we should build next.

I'm sold. How does it work?

  • Sign up by entering your email address above
  • Check your email for the link to the Insight beta app via Testflight, and the private Slack community
  • Automatically get early access to new features, extensions and products
  • Give us your feedback.
  • Hang out with the beta community on Slack to -- see how other power users are using Insight, join AMAs with the product team and learn what we're working on.

What should I expect from the beta?

The Insight private beta helps us decide what features to launch. It also helps us discover and fix bugs, test performance and reliability. Like any beta, you may face some instability and performance issues, but you also get priority support, direct access to our team and influence on our product roadmap.

Sign up for the Insight Beta

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