Introducing Insight — the first extensible iOS browser

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After several rounds of iteration with the a great set of beta users, we are very excited to launch Insight Browser 1.0 today.

While the internet is used very differently by different people, most of us are using vanilla Safari on our iPhones. Unlike desktop, where we use extensions to block ads, save money, read faster and search better, there's very limited extensibility and customizability on iOS.

Fourteen years after the original iPhone brought the mobile browser to near-parity with desktop, most mobile browsers assume all users use the internet more or less the same way.

But they don't, both in the content they consume and how they traverse it. Many now use iOS as their primary OS and crave the power that's available on desktop. Some mobile browsers come bundled with ad-blocking, and there is a limited way to do extensions in Safari, but extensibility on mobile has been nowhere near desktop. Until now.

How Insight Works

Insight is the first browser to bring powerful extensions to iOS. We've completely rethought extensions mobile-first. Insight extensions are:

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1. Made with a UI on the phone itself

2. Created with no code, though more powerful ones can use Javascript

3. Mobile-first and designed to take advantage of gestures

4. Automatically suggested as you browse the web

Together, they supercharge search and browsing on the phone like never before. You can use these extensions to block ads, improve accessibility in reading, flip through search results faster, and much more.

Introducing Insight Browser 1.0

Insight is now on the App Store. Download it or iPhone, iPad or (experimental) M1 Mac here.

Build Extensions for Insight

Come join us on our Slack community where you can build and share extensions with others, get help and share feedback on how to improve Insight. We can't wait to see what you do with Insight.

Get Insight for iOS

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